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FEATURE FILM - In Development

A family returns to Nepal where they are hired to take care of a remote Himalayan Palace during the winter. When the son sits on an ancient boy’s throne, he is possessed. Believing he is now the crown prince, he terrorizes his family with horrible consequences.

Awarded Asian Cinema Fund Screenplay Grant and Asian Project Market via Busan International Film Festival. Participated in  the Locarno Consultancy and the Frontières Co-Production Market.

TV - In Development

As a Chinese TRIAD sets up an empire in New York, he falls for a prominent American HEIRESS. She soon becomes more ruthless than he is, challenging his identity and pushing the boundaries of his moral code. 

Participated in PGA Diversity Workshop.

TV - In Development

A criminal research psychologist consulting on a high profile murder case begins to learn there is something very wrong with himself. 

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